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New Award
Winners for
World Wisdom &
Wisdom Tales books:

Benjamin Franklin

Awards for 2014

Children of the Tipi: Gold Medal in the category “Interior Design (3 or more Color; Children’s/Young Adult)”
Custer's Last Battle: Gold Medal in the category “ Young Reader: Fiction (8-12 Years)”
An Illustrated Outline of Buddhism: The Essentials of Buddhist Spirituality : Silver Medal in the category “Religion”

Midwest Book Awards

Angels: Gold Medal in the category “Children’s Picture Books”
Children of the Tipi: Gold Medal in the category “Interior Layout,” and Silver Medals in the categories “Children’s Non-Fiction” and “Total Book Design”
The Compassionate Warrior: Gold Medal in the category “Young Adult Non-Fiction” and a Silver medal in the category “History”
Custer’s Last Battle: Silver Medal in the category “Children’s Fiction”
The Fantastic Adventures of Krishna: Silver Medal in the category “Illustration: Graphic”
The Otter, the Spotted Frog & the Great Flood: Gold Medal in the category “Illustration: Graphic,” and Silver Medals in the categories “Children’s Picture Books” and “Total Book Design”

Eric Hoffer Awards

The Compassionate Warrior: First runner-up in the “Culture” category

Middle East Book Awards

The Compassionate Warrior: Co-winner of the 2013 Award for best “Youth Nonfiction”

Foreword Review’s

“Book of the Year” Nominations

Angels (category: “Picture Books”)
The Compassionate Warrior (category: “Young Adult Nonfiction”)
Custer’s Last Battle (category: “Juvenile Fiction”)
The Fantastic Adventures of Krishna (category: “Juvenile Nonfiction”)
An Illustrated Outline of Buddhism:
The Essentials of Buddhist Spirituality
(category: “Adult Nonfiction/Religion”)
The Otter, the Spotted Frog & the Great Flood (category: “Picture Books, Early Reader”)


Some recent World Wisdom illustrated books:

image of the covers of some of World Wisdom's illustrated books

In recent years, World Wisdom has produced a number of beautiful, informative, and inspiring illustrated books. This website now includes a listing of our illustrated books. These books feature:

  • A focus upon the message of beauty as a reflection of the Truth in the sacred arts and crafts of the world's religious traditions
  • Rich photos and illustrations (a number of books are illustrated on every page)
  • Over 40 titles, including images from a wide range of spiritual paths
  • Twenty-two award-winning books (with a total of over three dozen awards between them)
  • An ever-growing list of fully illustrated children’s books (through our Wisdom Tales Press imprint) that feature beautiful paintings and stories from around the world
  • Prices starting at $14.95

To see the list of our illustrated books, click here. On that page, you can hold your mouse pointer over a "pop-up details" symbol for a summary of a book, or click on a cover or a title for full information.

Visit our free eCards, eStationery, Desktop Wallpaper and Screen Savers, available in American Indian, Christian, Buddhism, Hindu, Islam, Taoism, Judaism, and Nature themes.
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children's books:

Wisdom Tales Press

Wisdom Tales Press is the imprint by World Wisdom for children and teens. It was “created for the purpose of sharing the wisdom and beauty of cultures from around the world with young readers and their families.” A number of Wisdom Tales Press books have already won prizes for their illustrations and stories. They can all be bought on this World Wisdom website, but we invite you to click here to see the Wisdom Tales Press website, which has many beautiful sample pages, detailed author pages, free activities for children and classes, teachers’ resources, and more.


Two More Video Clips from
the Sacred Web Conference:
"Tradition in the Modern World"

We have now posted five video clips from the Sacred Web Conference in September, 2006, which featured some of the most important living authors on the Perennial Philosophy, Comparative Religion, and Traditionalism. (For more information on the DVD of the presentations, click here.) These are the clips which are available so far on this web site (the newest are first):

  • Prof. Harry Oldmeadow speaks on "Tradition Betrayed: The False Prophets of Modernism," surveying the "pseudo-mythologies" of Darwin, Marx, Freud, and Nietzsche (click here to view).
  • Prof. Seyyed Hossein Nasr presents "The Recovery of the Sacred: Tradition and Perennialism in the Contemporary World, clearly explaining many fundamental ideas regarding Tradition and Modernism (click here to view).
  • Dr. Reza Shah-Kazemi covers "Traditional Action in the Contemporary World," addressing age-old questions regarding contemplation (and prayer) and worldly action (click here to view).
  • Dr. William Chittick discusses how Tradition, in this case primarily Confucian and Islamic, views the critical process of learning (click here to view).
  • Conference convener Ali Lakhani gives introductory remarks and explains the Traditionalist or Perennialist worldview (click here to view).
Clicking on one of the clips above will take you to our Library of Film Clips, with your selected video loaded in the player. Just click on the large play button in the middle of the player screen to play the clip. To see all available clips, make a selection in the "Subject" or "Interviews With" drop-down lists, click on the "Sort" button, then look through the summaries of the available clips in the respective areas just below the player.
Some of our Authors and Contributors are: