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A wife once spoke to her husband, saying, “My dear, I am very anxious about my brother. For the last few days he has been thinking of renouncing the world and of becoming a sannyasin (a Hindu renunciate), and has begun preparations for it. He has been trying gradually to curb his desires and reduce his wants.” The husband replied, “You need not be anxious about your brother. He will never become a sannyasin. No one has ever renounced the world by making long preparations.” The wife asked, “How then does one become a sannyasin?” The husband answered. “Do you wish to see how one renounces the world? Let me show you.” Saying this, instantly he tore his flowing dress into pieces, tied one piece round his loins, told his wife that she and all women were henceforth his mother, and left the house never to return.

Sri Ramakrishna

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