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No Activity Without Truth
American Indian Shamanism
Bibliography of American Indian Women Auto-biographies
Select Bibliography for Further Reading on Shin Buddhism
The Introduction by Thomas Yellowtail to "The Feathered Sun" by Frithjof Schuon
The Religion of the Heart
Foreword by Joe Medicine Crow to "Earth Made New: Plains Indian Stories of Creation" by Paul Goble
Is There a Perennial Philosophy?
The End of a Tradition
Who Speaks for the East?
The Interpretation of Symbols
The Nature of Medieval Art
A Fateful Meeting of Minds: A. K. Coomaraswamy and René Guénon
Foreword to “Frithjof Schuon and the Perennial Philosophy”

Articles in PDF

Selections from The Soul of the Indian
The Soul of the Redman
The North American Indian Living Religions
Sufi Doctrine and Method
Shinran’s Life (1173-1262 C.E.) And Legacy
Every Day is a Fine Day
Is There a Problem of Evil?
Honen: The Founder of the Jodo Sect
Zen: Its Origins and Significance
Pure Feeling
Introduction to Zen Buddhism: A History, Vol. 1 - India and China
Introduction to Zen Buddhism: A History, Vol. 2 - Japan
Discovering the Interior Life
Shin Buddhism
Foreword to Samdhong Rinpoche, Uncompromising Truth for a Compromised World by HH the 14th Dalai Lami
Extracts from "The Long Road to Now"
Foreword to In The Heart of the Desert
Introduction: Modes of Spirituality
Sacred and Profane Science
A Material Civilization
Saint Bernard
Initiation and the Crafts
The Arts and their Traditional Conception
Haqiqa and Shari'a in Islam
Oriental Metaphysics
The Language of the Birds
Selections from the Writings of Swami Ramdas
What is Hindu Spirituality?
The Logic of the Spiritual Path
Selected Discourses of Sri Anandamayi Ma
The Vedic Religion: Introductory
The Virupasksha Years
Historical Introduction to the Work of Gerhard Tersteegen
God, Our True Life
A Biographical Sketch of Swami Abhishiktananda (Henri Le Saux)
Of Time and Eternity - The Poetry of Angelus Silesius
Selections from Christian Spirit
The First Gothic Cathedrals
The Question of Protestantism
The Words of Tierno Bokar
Knowledge and Love
The Branches of the Doctrine
Sufi Interpretation of the Qur'an
Sufism and Pantheism
Roots Of Misconception: Euro-American Perceptions Of Islam Before And After September 11
On Arrogance and Humility
On Envy
On Anger
On Forbearance
Panel Discussions from Paths to the Heart Conference
'Walking Upon The Path Of God Like Men'?: Women and the Feminine in the Islamic Mystical Tradition
Jesus In The Qur'an: Selfhood And Compassion—An Akbari Perspective
Religion and the Environmental Crisis
The Nature of Man
The Integration of the Soul
Shankara: Tat tvam asi
The Path
The Nature of Man — Universal Man
Extract from "The Quran and the Sunnah"
The People of the Book
Extract from The Metaphysics Of Human Governance: Imam ‘Ali, Truth And Justice
Introduction to Light from the East
A Wish for Harmony
The Debate about "Orientalism"
Traditionalism and the Sophia Perennis
Introduction to The Golden Chain
Plato: Philosophy as the Regrowth of Wings
What They Have That We Lack: A Tribute to the Native Americans via Joseph Epes Brown
Ananda K. Coomaraswamy: Scholar of the Spirit
Foreword to The Essential Ananda K. Coomaraswamy
Introduction to The Essential Ananda K. Coomaraswamy
A Fateful Meeting of Minds: A. K. Coomaraswamy and R. Guénon
The Bugbear of Literacy
Editor's Preface to Figures of Speech or Figures of Thought?
Introduction to Figures of Speech or Figures of Thought?
Signs of the Times and the Light of Tradition
Faith and Modernity
Islamic Cosmological Concepts of Femininity and the Modern Feminist Movement
Introduction to Every Man an Artist
Two Economies
Modern Psychology
The Mystery of the Two Natures
The Vocation of Man According to the Koran
The Spiritual Direction of Saint Claude de la Colombière
A Single Unified Science
Closing to a Bud Again
God, Emptiness, and the True Self
Christian Esotericism and Primordial Tradition
The Light of the Intellect
The Question of Prophecy
The Method
The Great Name of God
Treatise on the Invocation of the Divine Name
Progress or the “Kali Yuga”?
The Christian and Oriental, or True, Philosophy of Art
Meaning Behind the Absurd
Tradition and Modern Civilizations
Ideological obstacles to the spiritual life
Religious And Ethnic Conflict In The Light Of The Writings Of The Perennialist School
Six Fundamental Flaws In The Evolutionist Hypothesis
Frithjof Schuon And The Perennialist School
Biography of William Stoddart
Islam: Sufism and Poetry
Religion and Science
The Nature and Extent of Criticism of Evolutionary Theory
Scientism: The Bedrock of the Modern Worldview
A Tibetan Buddhist Perspective on Spirit in Nature
Our Mother Earth
Creation, the Image of God
Introduction to Music of the Sky
Selections from "Dust from the Whirlwind"
Paths That Lead To The Same Summit
The Vedanta and Western Tradition
Foreword to The Essential Titus Burckhardt
Introduction to The Essential Frithjof Schuon
Foreword to The Fullness of God
Outline of the Christic Message
The Particular Nature and Universality of the Christian Tradition
The Quintessential Esoterism of Islam
Diversity of Revelation
Introduction to Prayer Fashions Man
Dimensions of Prayer
Modes of Prayer
"Selections" from Songs for a Spiritual Traveler
The Spiritual Virtues
Selections from Songs without Names Vol VI
Selections from Songs without Names Vol. VII
“Selections from World Wheel Vol. IV”
Foreword to World Wheel Volumes I-III
Introduction to World Wheel Volumes I-III
Selections from World Wheel Vol. I
Introduction to Native Spirit: The Sun Dance Way
Preface to Indian Spirit
Introduction to Indian Spirit
Foreword to Indian Spirit
Selections from Indian Spirit
Introduction to The Spirit of Indian Women
Selections from The Spirit of Indian Women
Unveiling the Garden of Love
Introduction to Of the Land and the Spirit
Agriculture and Human Destiny
Foreword to Of the Land and the Spirit
Foreword to Introduction to Traditional Islam
Selections from The Message of Islamic Art
Preface to The Cheyenne Indians
Introduction to The Cheyenne Indians
Selections from "Background of the Cheyenne Indians"
Preface to The Spirit of Indian Women
Foreword to Siena, City of the Virgin
The Palio
Reason Wears a Wizard's Cap
The Problem: Is It The Same Church?
Withdrawal, Extinction and Creation
Christian Gnosis
Ibn ‘Arabī on the Benefit of Knowledge
The Master-Disciple Relationship
On Gurus and Spiritual Direction
The Symbolism of Theatre
On the Foundations and Norms of Poetry
In the Beginning was Consciousness
Science and Myth: The Hidden Connection
The Earth’s Complaint
With the Other
The Incantation of the Griffin (Simurgh) and the Cry of the Eagle
Religious Art, Traditional Art, Sacred Art: Some reflections and definitions
Spirituality and Science: Convergence or divergence?
The Torn Veil
Foreword to The Way and the Mountain
Foreword to "The Eye of the Heart"
Layla, a poem by Shaykh Ahmad al-Alawi
The Milk of the Virgin: the Prophet, the Saint and the Sage
Foreword to Prayer Fashions Man
The Nature and Arguments of Faith (revised translation)
The Question of Theodicies (revised translation)
“Introduction to the Photographs” of The Image Taker
“Editor’s Preface” to The Image Taker
From Childhood to Visitation on the Hill
The Encounter with Mystery
W. R. Lethaby on Art and Labor
Selections from “The Philosophy of Plotinus the Egyptian”
The Ka'ba
Introduction to "For God's Greater Glory"
The Decline of Knowledge and the Rise of Ideology in the Modern Islamic World
Introduction to "The Underlying Religion"
Preface to "Science and the Myth of Progress"
The Life of Swami Ramdas
Apache, The
Jicarillas, The
Navaho, The
Introduction to Volume Two of The North American Indian
Yuma, The
Pima, The
Mohave, The
Papago, The
Walapai, The
Maricopa, The
Havasupai, The
Qahatika, The
Apache-Mohave, The
Introduction to The North American Indian Volume 3
Teton Souix, The
Assiniboin, The
Yanktonai, The
Introduction to Volume Four of The North American Indian
Apsaroke, The
Hidatsa, The
Introduction to Volume Five of The North American Indian
Mandan, The
Arikara, The
Atsina, The
The Meaning of the Temple
Introduction to Volume Six of The North American Indian
Piegan, The
Cheyenne, The
Arapaho, The
Introduction to Volume Seven of The North American Indian
Klickitat, The
Kutenai, The
Yakima, The
Salishian Tribes of the Interior, The
Introduction to Volume Eight of The North American Indian
Nez Perces, The
Wallawalla, Umatilla and Cayuse, The
Chinookan tribes, The
Foreword to Shakespeare's Sonnets and the Bible
Introduction to Shakespeare's Sonnets and the Bible
The Method Followed in Shakespeare's Sonnets and the Bible
Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 - Commentary and Analysis
Shakespeare's Sonnet 53 - Commentary and Analysis
The Secret of Shakespeare (part 1)
The Secret of Shakespeare (part 2)
In Memory of Mr. J. Pierpoint Morgan
Introduction to Volume Nine of The North American Indian
Salishan Tribes of the Coast, The
Puget Sounds Tribes, The
Willapa, The
Chimakum, The and Quilliute, The
The Secret of Shakespeare (part 3)
Introduction to Volume 10 of The North American Indian
Kwakiutl, The - part 1
Kwakiutl, The - part 2
Kwakiutl, The - part 3
Kwakiutl, The - part 4
Kwakiutl, The - part 5
Introduction to The North American Indian - Volume 11
Nootka, The - Part 1
Nootka, The - Part 2
Nootka, The - Part 3
Haida, The
Introduction to The North American Indian - Volume 12
Hopi, The - Part 1
Hopi, The - Part 2
Hopi, The - Part 3
Introduction to The North American Indian - Volume 13
Hupa, The
Yurok, The
Karok, The
Wiyot, The
Tolowa and Tututni, The
Shasta, The
Achomawi, The
Klamath, The
Mythology from Volume 13
Introduction to The North American Indian - Volume 14
Kato, The
Maidu, The
Miwok, The
Pomo, The
Wailaki, The
Wintun, The
Yokuts, The
Yuki, The
Mythology from Volume 14
The Perennial Philosophy
Living in Two Worlds (excerpt from pp. 6-17)
Introduction to The North American Indian - Volume 15
The Plateau Shosoneans
The Southern California Shoshoneans
The Dieguenos
The Washo
Images of Islam (previously titled "Seeds of a Divergence")
Introduction to The North American Indian - Volume 16
The Keres: Laguna
The Keres: Santo Domingo
The Tiwa: Isleta
The Tiwa: Taos
Introduction to The North American Indian - Volume 17
The Tewa: San Juan
The Tewa: San Ildefonso
The Tewa: Nambe
The Zuni
Mythology from Volume 17
Philosophia Perennis and the Sensus Catholicus
The Fundamental Nature of the Conflict Between Modern and Traditional Man - Often Called the Conflict Between Science and Faith
Introduction to The North American Indian - Volume 18
The Chipewyan
The Western Woods Cree
The Sarsi
Mythology from Volume 18
The Indians of Oklahoma
The Witchita - part 1
The Witchita - part 2
The Southern Cheyenne
The Oto
The Comanche
The Peyote Cult
Significance of the Nembutsu
Jodo Buddhism in the Light of Zen
Introduction to The North American Indian - Volume 20
The Alaskan Eskimo: Introduction
The Nunivak
Eskimo of Hooper Bay
Eskimo of King Island
Eskimo of Little Diomede Island
Eskimo of Cape Prince of Wales
The Kotzebue Eskimo
The Noatak
The Kobuk
The Selawik
Foreword to Language of the Self
Editorial (introduction) to "Crossing Religious Frontiers"
The I-Thou Relation in Zen Buddhism
“Nothingness” in Meister Eckhart and Zen Buddhism
Some Difficulties Found in Sacred Scriptures
On Superimposition
The Removal of Superimposition
With My Zen Mind
The Gnosis
Naturalness in Everyday Work
The Spiritual Life - Christian
"Nature Can Overcome Nature"
Islamic Science
About an Intellectual Reform
The Metaphysics of Interfaith Dialogue: Sufi Perspectives on the Universality of the Quranic Message
Tripura Rahasya, Chapters 1-5
What is Meant by Tradition
Essential Characteristics of Metaphysics
The Preface from The Essential René Guénon
The Introduction from The Essential René Guénon
Ecophilosophy in the Light of Tradition
Some Thoughts on Soliciting and Imparting Spiritual Counsel
The Last Breath
The Wound of Duality
The Urgent Need for Unbiased Information about Islam
Some Universal Aspects of Judaism
New Light on Black Elk and The Sacred Pipe
Science Fundamentalism: A Short Answer to Three Militant Atheists
Beware of the Men of a Single Book
Introduction to “Letters of Frithjof Schuon: Reflections on the Perennial Philosophy”

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