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The Sermon of All Creation is a collection of beautiful photographs of the natural world combined with commentaries by a host of Christian sages of all denominations.
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The Sermon of all Creation: Christians on Nature, is a beautifully illustrated book of inspirational quotes taken from the writings and sayings of Christian sages of all denominations. It will be available in Spring/Summer 2005 by World Wisdom, and was edited and designed by Michael Fitzgerald and Judith Fitzgerald. This slideshow offers some samples of quotes and images from the book in the hope of providing some answers to how we should view the relationship between the Creator and creation as well as understanding how the divine activity permeates the entire universe. The following is excerpted from the foreword of the book by John Chryssavgis:

It may be tempting, though surely misleading, to imagine the current environmental crisis as a recent phenomenon. Human beings have from the outset ignored the “voice” of creation, selfishly shutting themselves off from the breadth and depth of the mystery of the universe that declares the wonder of God. Such is perhaps the root of our original sin: not a transgression against some invisible “principle,” but the rupture of the primal connection between ourselves, our world, and our God. How unfortunate it is that we have reduced the concept of sin to individual guilt, while overlooking the social and cosmological implications of sin, whereby division and brokenness are introduced into the world, barring us from discerning God in all things and all things in God.

...Yet, there is indeed something unique about our age inasmuch as, perhaps for the first time in human history, we are in a position to choose the direction of our world. Based on knowledge achieved and experience gained, we are able to embrace attitudes and espouse choices that will immediately affect and impact our world as well as the world that our children will inherit. The decisions and actions of former generations and eras were, at least to a degree, determined by nature or by culture…

Where we are personally challenged for change is where daily life translates into environmental ethics. It is where life, spirituality, and politics coincide. The voice of creation is eloquent and clear. The choice is ours.
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