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Series , Spiritual Classics

A Christian Woman's Secret: A Modern-Day Journey to God
Lilian Staveley
edited by Joseph A. Fitzgerald
foreword by Philip Zaleski

Introduction to Sufi Doctrine
Titus Burckhardt
Foreword By William Chittick

Essential Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa), The: Light on The Indian World
Charles Eastman
Edited by Michael Fitzgerald
Foreword By Raymond Wilson

Quiet Way, The: A Christian Path to Inner Peace
Gerhard Tersteegen
Foreword By Peter Erb

Gospel of the Redman, The: Commemorative Edition
Ernest Thompson Seton
Foreword By Paul Goble
Introduction by Dee Seton-Barber

Path of Muhammad, The: A Book on Islamic Morals and Ethics
Imam Birgivi
Interpreted by Tosun Bayrak
Foreword By Shaykh Abdul Mabud

Buddha Eye, The: An Anthology of the Kyoto School
Edited by Frederick Franck
Foreword By Joan Stambaugh

Lamp of Non-Dual Knowledge & Cream of Liberation
Sri Karapatra Swami
Tandavaraya Swami

Tripura Rahasya: The Secret of the Supreme Goddess
Translated by Swami Sri Ramananda Saraswathi

Mystics of Islam, The
Reynold A. Nicholson

Light on the Indian World: The Essential Writings of Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa) - hardcover
Charles Eastman
Edited by Michael Fitzgerald
Introduction by Janine Pease

Music of the Sky: An Anthology of Spiritual Poetry
Edited by Patrick Laude

Naturalness: A Classic of Shin Buddhism (paperback)
Kenryo Kanamatsu

Golden Fountain, The
Lilian Staveley

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