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Edward Curtis Men Tipi Women
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Edward Curtis

"Typical Apache" - Apache

"At the ford" - Apache

"Primitive Apache home" - Apache

"Cutting mescal" - Apache

"Sacred buckskin" - Apache

"Apache gaun" - Apache

"Tobadzischini" - Navaho

"Alchise" - Apache

"An Apache Babe" - Apache

"Chief Garfield" - Jicarilla

"Jicarilla maiden" - Jicarilla

"Chief of the desert" - Navaho


Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa) in traditional clothing.

Afraid of Eagle - Lower Brule Lakota

American Horse - Oglala Lakota

Bear Ghost - Yankton Nakota

Black Bear - Oglala Lakota

Black Bird - Oglala Lakota

Black Foot - Absaroka

Black Man - Arapaho

Broken Arm - Oglala Lakota

Chief Joseph Rolling Thunder - Nez Perce

Chief Washakie - Shoshone

Comes Out Holy - Oglala Lakota

Conquering Bear - Oglala Lakota

Crazy Thunder - Oglala Lakota

Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa)- Santee Sioux in 1919


Black Cap's Procupine Tipi - Kiowa

Elk Lodge (1900) - Blackfoot

Heating and Ventilating the Tipi

Ground Plan of a Tipi


Beads - Oglala Lakota

Carries the War Staff - Apsaroke

Many Horses with son - Hunkpapa Lakota

Good Women and Strikes Plenty - Oglala Lakota

Holds the Pipe - Kiowa

Lucy Pierre and daughter - Flathead

Wife of American Horse - Oglala Lakota

Unknown Indian Women - Cayuse

Unknown Indian Women - Klamath

Unknown Indian Women - Oglala Lakota

Wife of Louis Sitting Bull - Hunkpapa Lakota

Unknown Beadworker - Apsaroke

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