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Reza Shah-Kazemi’s life and work
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Reza Shah-Kazemi
Reza  Shah-Kazemi
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Biography of Reza Shah-Kazemi

Dr. Reza Shah-Kazemi writes on a range of topics from metaphysics and doctrine to contemplation and prayer. He is presently a Research Associate at the Institute of Ismaili Studies in London, where, amongst other projects, he has been working on a new, annotated translation of Nahj al-Balagha, the discourses of Imam ‘Ali. Dr. Shah-Kazemi is also the founding editor of the Islamic World Report. His degrees include International Relations and Politics at Sussex and Exeter Universities, and a PhD in Comparative Religion from the University of Kent in 1994. He later acted as a consultant to the Institute for Policy Research in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.

Dr. Shah-Kazemi has authored and translated several works, including Paths of Transcendence: Shankara, Ibn Arabi and Meister Eckhart on Transcendent Spiritual Realization (World Wisdom Books, 2006), Doctrines of Shi‘i Islam (I. B. Tauris in association with The Institute of Ismaili Studies, 2001), Avicenna: Prince of Physicians (Hood Hood, 1997) and Crisis in Chechnya (Islamic World Report, 1995). Reza Shah-Kazemi has edited several books, including Algeria: Revolution Revisited (Islamic World Report, 1997). He has also published numerous articles and reviews in academic journals.

Dr. Reza Shah-Kazemi's work for World Wisdom includes:

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Reza Shah-Kazemi’s Writings Online
 TitleSourceAuthor 1Author 2SubjectWW HTMLWW PDFExternal Link
The Metaphysics of Interfaith Dialogue: Sufi Perspectives on the Universality of the Quranic MessagePaths to the Heart: Sufism and the Christian EastShah-Kazemi, Reza Inter-faith dialogue
In Dr. Shah-Kaemi's own words, this essay intends to "show that, in traditional Islamic consciousness, to define the space of the sacred (the mosque, the qibla, etc.) does not confine the sacred…and thus that the space of the sacred cannot be subject to what we might call ‘religious nationalism’. The sacred is both transcendent and immanent.…At the heart of the sacred lies the paradox that its divine essence is absolutely unknowable; but there is nothing that does not, in its own way, manifest the sacred.…[The first part of the essay shows] how a particularly significant act of the Prophet…serves as an eloquent commentary on Qur’anic verses which explicitly uphold the authenticity and dignity of the religious Other, and how the principle embodied in this act helps to resolve the apparent contradiction between the inclusivist verses and the exclusivist ones.…[The second part demonstrates] the strong connection between the demise of this inclusivist orientation towards the sacred and the rise of political extremism in Islam. For Islam to be abused as the pretext for extremism or even terrorism it had first to be reduced from a religion or way of life to an ideology; and before it could be reduced to an ideology it had to be desacralised."
Defining Without Confining: reflections on a prophetic usage of sacred spaceThe website of the journal "Interreligious Insight"Shah-Kazemi, Reza Comparative Religion, Christianity, Islam
Reza Shah-Kazemi was a close associate to his mentor, Dr. Martin Lings, who was also known as Abu Bakr Siraj ad-Din. In this memorial piece, Dr. Shah-Kazemi gives us a portrait of the inner Martin Lings, the spiritual aspirant and later master teacher, the man of strong character who strove to attain the essential spiritual virtues, the gifted poet, and, above all, a man who came to embody in his words and actions a central aspect of the perennial wisdom: a message of hope that "that the ultimate goal is still accessible even in our most adverse conditions." This article first appeared in Sophia and is now available through
A Message of Hope at the Eleventh Hour: Martin Lings 1909-2005The online library of articles at religioperennis.orgShah-Kazemi, Reza Biography
Shankara: Tat tvam asiPaths To Transcendence: According To Shankara, Ibn Arabi, and Meister EckhartShah-Kazemi, Reza Hinduism
Jesus In The Qur'an: Selfhood And Compassion—An Akbari PerspectiveSufism: Love and WisdomShah-Kazemi, Reza Sufism
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Online Resources about Reza Shah-Kazemi

Besides the article(s) by Reza Shah-Kazemi that can be found on this site but linked to, the Religio Perennis website has a number of other essays by Dr. Kazemi that are free and in pdf format. Click here to go directly to the section of their site with a listing of available essays by Reza Shah-Kazemi on a variety of topics.
The The Institute of Ismaili Studies website has a page on Dr. Kazemi. In addition, the Institute has on its site video clips of an interview with Reza Shah-Kazemi speaking on his book Justice and Remembrance; Introducing the Spirituality of Imam ‘Ali, Sufism, and the spiritual teachings of Imam 'Ali.

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