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Pauline Ts’o
Pauline  Ts’o
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Biography of Pauline Ts’o

Pauline Ts’o is an author, illustrator, photographer, and co-founder of Rhythm and Hues Studios, a computer animation and visual effects company. Ms. Ts’o has written and illustrated the Wisdom Tales book Whispers of the Wolf, which was published in October, 2015. It is a beautiful picture book set around 500 years ago among the Pueblo Indians of the desert Southwest. A heartwarming and atmospheric tale, it weaves together themes of community, tradition, self-esteem, and respect for all life, creating a realistic portrait of a culture that continues to exert a vibrant, living influence today in the Southwest.

Pauline Ts’o’s company, Rhythm and Hues Studios, has won multiple Academy Awards (Life of Pi, Babe, and The Golden Compass—Best Visual Effects). Pauline’s production credits as a digital artist and lighting/art supervisor include Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Disney’s theme park attraction “It’s Tough to be a Bug,” and various commercials, including the first Coca-Cola Polar Bear spot. She first encountered the Native American culture of the desert Southwest during a photography workshop in the 1980s and kept going back. Pauline lives in Los Angeles, CA, with her husband and pre-teen twins.

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