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John C. H. Wu’s life and work
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John C. H. Wu
John C. H.  Wu
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Biography of John C. H. Wu

Wu Ching-hsiung, also known as John C. H. Wu, was an author, lawyer, juristic philosopher, educator, and prominent Catholic layman. He was president of the Special High Court at Shanghai, vice chairman of the Legislative Yuan's constitution drafting committee, founder of the T'ien Hsia Monthly, translator of the Psalms and the New Testament into Chinese, and served as Chinese minister to the Holy See (1947-48). Wu authored and translated numerous books and articles on many subjects including Religion, Philosophy and Law.

World Wisdom is pleased to be able to offer readers a new edition of John C. H. Wu’s The Golden Age of Zen , which includes a wonderful introduction by Thomas Merton and a new foreword by Kenneth Kraft .

John C. H. Wu’s Writings Online
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Zen: Its Origins and SignificanceThe Golden Age of Zen: Zen Masters of the T'ang DynastyWu, John C. H. Buddhism
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