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Dr. Husayn Ilahi-Ghomshei — Life & Work
This site includes Husayn Ilahi-Ghomshei’s biography, photos, and more.
Husayn Ilahi-Ghomshei
Husayn  Ilahi-Ghomshei
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Biography of Husayn Ilahi-Ghomshei

Hossein M. Elahi Ghomshei was born in 1940 in Tehran. He graduated from the Faculty of Theology & Islamic Studies at Tehran University, and pursued Islamic traditional education with his father, Mehdi Elahi Ghomshei, and other contemporary masters of this field. Later he taught at Tehran University and other universities in Iran and afterwards abroad, while he was also occupied in writing and translation in the field of mysticism, literature and art. Dr. Ghomshei served as Director of the National Library of Iran from 1981 to 1982, and also has delivered a number of lectures, in Persian and English, in various universities and institutions in Iran and abroad. Many of these lectures have been broadcasted from Iranian television. The list of his publications and lecture topics are to be found at his official website:

Dr. Ghomshei contributed the essay “The Symphony of Rūmī” to the volume The Philosophy of Ecstasy: Rumi and the Sufi Tradition.

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