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Brian Keeble
Brian  Keeble
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Biography of Brian Keeble

Brian Keeble has long been devoted to the promulgation of the traditional arts and his best known book is Art: For Whom and For What? He is the founder of Golgonooza Press and co-founder of Temenos Academy. The Temenos Academy, sponsored by The Prince's Foundation of HRH The Prince of Wales, is a teaching organization dedicated to the same central idea that had inspired the earlier Temenos Review (a journal devoted to the arts of the Imagination). Scholars and teachers, committed to what is now generally known as 'the Perennial Philosophy' were invited to lecture and hold study groups and to teach the ever-growing number of devoted Friends and students.

Brian Keeble's writing is featured in the following World Wisdom anthologies: "Work and the Sacred" in Every Branch in Me, "Tradition and the Individual" in The Betrayal of Tradition, "Ananda K. Coomaraswamy: Scholar of the Spirit" in The Essential Sophia, and "Are the Crafts an Anachronism?" in Ye Shall Know the Truth.

In addition, Mr. Keeble edited an anthology, Every Man An Artist, which focuses on the multiple inter-relationships between artists (or craftsmen), their works of arts or crafts, society, and Truth. Brian Keeble's "Introduction" in that volume illustrates his own thinking on the subject of sacred art and tradition, among other topics. Keeble's newest book for World Wisdom, God and Work: Aspects of Art and Tradition, is a compilation of his writings on work, craft, art, and religion.

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Brian Keeble’s Writings Online
 TitleSourceAuthor 1Author 2SubjectWW HTMLWW PDFExternal Link
W. R. Lethaby on Art and LaborGod and Work: Aspects of Art and TraditionKeeble, Brian Art
Introduction to Every Man an ArtistEvery Man an Artist: Readings in the Traditional Philosophy of ArtKeeble, Brian Art
Ananda K. Coomaraswamy: Scholar of the SpiritThe Essential Sophia: The Journal of Traditional StudiesKeeble, Brian Tradition
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Quotes on Brian Keeble

"…We must be grateful to Brian Keeble for providing through this valuable anthology, a powerful reminder of that art which reflects both beauty and truth…"
Seyyed Hossein Nasr, from the "Foreword" to Every Man an Artist

"Keeble's anthology of readings in the traditional philosophy of art, Every Man an Artist, is so valuable because it makes accessible much that I, with extreme difficulty, attempted to discover for myself As far as I know nothing as yet has anywhere been published that is comparable in scope to the present volume, which forms a truly magisterial introduction to the understanding of the art produced in traditional societies. It is a collection of passages that could be read with benefit by anyone interested in the contemporary arts and crafts."
John Lane, author of The Spirit of Silence, writing in Resurgance

"Keeble's [work] calls for eliminating the barriers between arts, crafts, and work by infusing all activity with a sense of the sacred."
Joscelyn Godwin, author of Mystery Religions in the Ancient World

"At the heart of Brian Keeble's concerns lie the fear that craft virtues have benn forgotten and an unease at the consequences this has for human culture and society."
The Tablet

Brian Keeble’s Bibliography


In Hollow Sleep, (Tragara Press, 1973)

In Lethes Thrall & Other Poems, (Golgonooza Press, 1973)

Yourself the Finder Found, (Tragara Press, 1981)

Golgonooza, City of Imagination: Last Studies in William Blake, (Golgonooza Press, 1991)

Twenty-four Poems, (Golgonooza Press, 2002)

Conversing with Paradise, (Sophia Perennis, 2005)

Art: For Whom and For What?, (Sophia Perennis, 2005)

Every Man an Artist: Readings in the Traditional Philosophy of Art, (World Wisdom, 2005)

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The page on Brian Keeble on Wikipedia may be useful.
Brian Keeble played a part in founding Temenos, "a journal devoted to the Arts of the Imagination". A look around the website of the Temenos Academy explains its origins and principles, and illustrates its activities.

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