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Algis Uždavinys
Algis  Uždavinys
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Biography of Algis Uždavinys

Dr. Algis Uždavinys (1962-2010) was a senior research fellow at the Lithuanian State Institute of Culture, Philosophy, and Arts and an associate professor at the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts in his native Lithuania. Prof. Uždavinys' work has been published in English, French, and Lithuanian. His published works include Hermeneutical Philosophy and Mystagogy of Proclus (2002), The Egyptian Book of the Dead (2003), and most recently, Philosophy and Theurgy in Late Antiquity (2010). He also translated the works of Frithjof Schuon, Ananda Coomaraswamy, and Plotinus into Russian and Lithuanian. Dr. Uždavinys’ work is regularly featured in journals such as Sophia and Sacred Web.

His research included work on Hellenic philosophy, especially Platonism and Neoplatonism, as well as traditional mythology and metaphysics, Sufism, and traditional art. In 1998, he was awarded an honorary fellowship to the British Academy. Also in 1998, he was voted Art Critic of the Year by the Lithuanian Association of Artists.

Dr. Uždavinys was the editor of The Golden Chain: An Anthology of Platonic and Pythagorean Philosophy, and The Heart of Plotinus: The Essential Enneads.

Books/DVDs containing the work of Algis Uždavinys

World Wisdom books edited by Algis Uždavinys:

  • The Golden Chain: An Anthology of Platonic and Pythagorean Philosophy
  • The Heart of Plotinus: The Essential Enneads

Algis Uždavinys’s Writings Online
 TitleSourceAuthor 1Author 2SubjectWW HTMLWW PDFExternal Link
An examination of the meaning of "theurgy" in Neoplatonism and its influence in traditional thought.
Putting on the Form of the Gods: Sacramental Theurgy in Neoplatonism"Sacred Web", Vol. 5 (Summer, 2000)Uždavinys, Algis Comparative Religion, Esoterism, Metaphysics, Platonism, Tradition
Selections from “The Philosophy of Plotinus the Egyptian”The Heart of Plotinus: The Essential EnneadsUždavinys, Algis Platonism
Neoplatonic authority Algis Uždavinys straightens out some misunderstandings about the term "theurgy" as related to the ancient Neoplatonic "religious rituals which have the purificatory, elevating, and unifying divine force." Uždavinys traces the origin and usage of the term, the practice of theurgic rites by the ancient Egyptians, and gives a great deal of historical and metaphysical background by which we can understand the proper meaning of the term and the rites as used by the Neoplatonists themselves.
Voices of the Fire: Understanding Theurgy"Eye of the Heart" journal web siteUždavinys, Algis Comparative Religion
Plato: Philosophy as the Regrowth of WingsThe Golden Chain: An Anthology of Pythagorean and Platonic PhilosophyUždavinys, Algis Metaphysics
Introduction to The Golden ChainThe Golden Chain: An Anthology of Pythagorean and Platonic PhilosophyUždavinys, Algis Tradition
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