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For inquiries regarding orders, product availability, status of shipment, billing, returns and general customer service issues, please email

Marketing and Promotions

To contact our Marketing and Promotions department, please email

Copyright Issues

For requests and inquiries about US and Foreign Copyright issues, please email

Techincal Questions regarding this Site

If you experience Technical problems, or have comments, suggestions or questions regarding this web site, please email

General Inquiries and Comments

If you have general questions or comments about World Wisdom, or you are not sure which department to contact, please email

Submissions, Reviews, Recommended Titles

World Wisdom invites the submission of book manuscripts and articles concerning the Perennial Philosophy and related traditional themes. We also welcome the submission of manuscripts and illustrations for children's books to our Wisdom Tales Press imprint.

For all submissions (i.e. for both World Wisdom and Wisdom Tales Press), please begin the process by contacting us at the following email address:

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