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Book Trade
Programs for Booksellers

Bookseller Locator Program.
Any bookseller who has ordered books from World Wisdom within the past year may request a listing on the Bookseller Locator search engine for consumers. Contact the with your contact information, including Internet site information, if any. You may also provide a store logo for inclusion on your listing.
Specialized Bookseller Program.
Those booksellers who stock all of the World Wisdom titles, or who have ordered at least 20 books from World Wisdom in the past year, may request a listing on under both the Bookseller Locator Program and as a Specialized Bookseller. The listing as a Specialized Bookseller may include a narrative description of your store, in addition to the store logo and other contact information.
Distributors to the Book Trade
National Book Network (NBN)
World Wisdom books are distributed to the book trade exclusively by National Book Network, Inc (NBN). Contact them at:
Phone: 800-462-6420.
Fax: 800-338-4550.

National Book Network (NBN) International
World Wisdom and Wisdom Tales books are now distributed to the United Kingdom, the EU, and Canada by NBN International. Contact NBN International at:
Phone: +44 (0) 1752 202301
Fax: +44 (0)208 693 1400
E-mail: or

Ingram Book Company phone: 800-937-8000; web site:
Specialty Retail division phone: 888-744-7931; web site:

Baker & Taylor, Inc.
Baker & Taylor is a supplier of books, movies, music, and information products to libraries and retailers worldwide. Phone: (800) 775-1800.

Blackwell's Book Services
Blackwell's Book Service is the largest provider of library acquisition services in the world. World Wisdom is a "core publisher" for Blackwell's, so libraries may order all World Wisdom titles directly from Blackwell's

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