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Ways to Help World Wisdom
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Many of World Wisdom’s projects are only made possible by support from interested friends throughout the world. This is a list of ways that interested readers can help provide wisdom for a world badly in need of such guidance.
Contact with any questions
about how to help World Wisdom in its mission.

Financial gifts

Making a financial gift:

General information for all donors. Donors can choose to have their contributions recognized in their own names, “in memory of” another person, or anonymously. World Wisdom faithfully honors donations that donors wish to prelimit to a designated usage (for example, to a specific book or project). Financial gifts allow World Wisdom to stretch our limited financial resources to improve our publishing program. Contributions are not tax deductible.

Become a “Friend” or a “Patron”. An annual gift of $100 (Friend) or $500 (Patron) will entitle you to a 40% discount on World Wisdom’s products. Contributions are not tax deductible.

Become a “Benefactor”. An annual gift of $1,000 will entitle you to receive a free copy of each of World Wisdom’s new publications during that year (approximately a $350 retail value) and a 40% discount on any additional products you wish to purchase. Contributions are not tax deductible.

Sponsor a book. For a contribution of $7,500 you will become a “Sponsor” of a forthcoming book of your choice. Your name or “in memory of” another person will be recognized in the front of the book. We will provide interested donors with a list both of scheduled titles and of worthy books that we cannot publish without sponsorship. This contribution offsets a small portion of the costs of publishing a book, but it will allow us to leverage our limited resources. Contributions are not tax deductible.

Donate WW books to libraries.  WW will act as an intermediary for any donor who wants to donate sets of WW's books directly to libraries in the U.S., Canada or the U.K.

  Donors will purchase books from WW at a 50% discount, plus shipping.

  The minimum donation is $10,000.

Note: Most libraries are owned either by a government or by a not-for-profit group. Most donations either to governments or to not-for-profit groups are tax deductible. WW will provide donors with a receipt and affidavit attesting that the gift was sent directly to the respective libraries on behalf of the donor. Prospective donors should consult their own tax advisors.

“Donor-advised” gifts. Donors may sponsor a project of their choice in their name or “in memory of” another person. We will look forward to enquiries. Contributions are not tax deductible.

If you intend to donate, please download a form, fill it out, and mail it in to World Wisdom, with our deepest thanks:
Click here for the form in Word.doc format, or

click here for the form in Adobe.pdf format, or

click here for the form in a generic rtf format.

To ask any questions about donating to World Wisdom, please e-mail the World Wisdom webmaster.


Remember World Wisdom in your estate plan:

We hope that interested readers will remember World Wisdom in their estate planning because additional financial resources will enable important projects. It is possible to earmark any bequest to a specific project or set of publications. Contact us if you want to finance a specific project. Any bequest should note how the giver wants the gift to be identified or if the gift is anonymous.

Please click here to send us an inquiry about making a bequest.

Buy & share our books

Buy & share our books:

Buy & share our books. The simplest way for friends to help World Wisdom’s mission is to buy our products. The greatest help is when readers subscribe to our World Wisdom Book Club.

Editing projects

Help with editing projects:

Edit content for There is a great need for editors to supply additional content for this important dictionary of spiritual terms.

Editing & proofreading. We have a number of projects for books or for our website which could benefit from someone skilled in editing English text. We can find something that will be of interest to readers of Perennialist literature and texts on traditional spirituality. Some of our readers enjoy seeing our books many months before they are actually printed.

Studies in Comparative Religion. World Wisdom now holds the rights to all of the issues of Studies in Comparative Religion, the most important English language journal of the twentieth century on the Perennialist School. We are in the process of electronically scanning the old issues and we need help in proofreading the resulting text.

You can e-mail us to ask about editing projects for which you might volunteer.

Links to WW's website

Link internet sites to the World Wisdom website

Link your internet site to Please add a link to to your own website, if you have one. There is a page on our website that explains how to link to World Wisdom.
To suggest that WW link to your website, or to suggest other sites
to which you think we should have links, and for all questions
or suggestions about links, please write to our webmaster.

Part-time projects

Part-time projects :

Special Projects. We often have special projects which part-time volunteers can work on, either as coordinators who work somewhat independently, or in some other more directed capacity.

Please contact our webmaster about special projects
that might be of interest to you.

Send us recommendations

Send us recommendations:

Send us recommendations of important news.. We rely on our readers to inform us about forthcoming events that would be of interest to readers of Perennialist/spiritual Traditionalist books and visitor to See our News page to get an idea of the events that we list.

Help us identify major independent booksellers. Please send us the name and contact information of any major independent bookseller who does not already carry our books. We are interested in learning about both independent neighborhood bookstores and online bookstores that might benefit from carrying World Wisdom books.

Please e-mail any suggested news items and bookstores to the World Wisdom webmaster.

Use our free e-Products

Use WW’s free e-Products and send them to others:

Use WW’s e-Products and send them to others. Please use our free e-cards and e-stationery so that your acquaintances will become aware of World Wisdom. Members of our free Reader Advantage Program can then create their own address lists to facilitate using e-cards, and the instructions explain how easy it is to switch from one e-stationery to another. (The program also offers standard discounts and other advantages.)

Writing help

Help with projects that involve writing:

Book reviews. WW will provide a Media Kit and a free book to any interested reader who will volunteer to prepare a book review and submit it to one of various journals for publication, and also eventually post the review with internet booksellers.

Slide Shows on These allow our visitors to further their knowledge of spiritual topics, to learn about our authors or books, or to see sacred art. We greatly appreciate the help of interested readers in preparing these slide shows. We have a list of ideas for consideration. You can click here to see our Slideshow page to get an idea of the range of topics covered by our slideshows. Many of these have been written by our talented readers.

Review & Rate our books at Internet booksellers. When you visit internet booksellers please take the time to review and rate our books.

Cite our books in messages to on-line user groups. There are any number of online forums where readers can share their objective enthusiasm for our materials and can point people to our website. You don’t need to contact us to do this, and we want you to be objective commentators.

Link your internet site to Please add a link to to your own website, if you have one. There is a page on our website that explains how to link to World Wisdom.

Please e-mail us about volunteer writing projects for more information.

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