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Manuscript Submission Form for World Wisdom
and Wisdom Tales

This on-line manuscript Submission Form is to be used to submit manuscripts for consideration by World Wisdom, and for children’s and teen manuscripts to be considered by Wisdom Tales. Instructions are different for submissions of children’s, teens’, and adults’ books, so please read and follow the instructions carefully.

If you want to submit a children’s or teen manuscript to Wisdom Tales, you must first read the Wisdom Tales Submissions Guidelines and follow those instructions. (Illustrations must be submitted separately; please read our Wisdom Tales Submission Guidelines for Artwork before submitting.)

If you want to submit a manuscript to World Wisdom (for books other than children’s or teens’), you must first read the World Wisdom Submissions Guidelines and follow those instructions carefully.

Please complete each section in the Submission Form thoroughly. We will contact you via email with a response. However, due to the large number of submissions, please allow at least 5 months for our Editorial Team to respond. We understand that trying to have your work published can be a frustrating process. However, our criteria are very strict and we will only accept a very small number of manuscripts that fit the specific needs of our publishing program.

*Author's Name
*Street Address
*City, State, ZIP
*Phone Number
*Proposed Book Audience
*Title and subtitle of the proposed Book.
*Proposed Page Count

*Submission of Material.
To submit a book for children:  after reading the Wisdom Tales Submissions Guidelines mentioned above, please submit the entire text of your book (1500 words maximum).

To submit a book for teens or for adults:  after reading the appropriate Guidelines instructions mentioned at the top of this page, in the area below please submit your (1) Table of Contents and (2) one sample chapter or a representative portion of a chapter; the maximum word count is 4,000.

*Please describe your proposed book using 200 words maximum.
In addition, please list any possible ideas for illustrations or photographs to be included in your book.
*Who is your targeted audience?
*Please include a brief biographical paragraph about yourself, including your qualifications as an author or editor.
*Please provide a list of previous publications.
*Please list 3 or 4 similar or competing books including the title, author, publisher, and the publication date.
*Please write a paragraph about what makes your book special or complementary to the above titles.
The reCAPTCHA ensures that a person is clicking submit and not an automated system.
* Please note that a red asterisk means the field is required.

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